How To Donate A Car


The most effective sales method is to place an ad. After writing it, just post it on a site specializing in the sale of used cars . Some are paid, others free. Do not forget to attach a few photos of the vehicle, knowing that some sites however limit the number.

The writing of the advertisement must be particularly careful and include a maximum of details. It is necessary to highlight the equipment, the engine, the general condition and possibly stipulate if the vehicle is under warranty. All you have to do is indicate their phone number or an email address so that internet users can contact the vehicle owner. There is no need to include your name and address. If a person is interested in the offer, they will let them know by calling the number indicated or by sending an email.


The steps to sell your car yourself at the best price

To give confidence to any potential buyer, the seller of a used car must respect certain rules when he decides to take care of the transaction himself. But for the latter, it is also imperative because it helps to avoid scams . It is therefore essential to follow the following steps.

Suggest a vehicle test

Care must be taken to wash the bodywork and clean the passenger compartment to present your car. A potential buyer usually asks to see and try it out. After making an appointment, it is advisable to accompany the person concerned during the test.


Once the car has been sold at the agreed price , the buyer must pay. The safest way for the seller is to demand a cashier's check that guarantees the creditworthiness of the person. It is a check drawn up by the bank which has previously withdrawn the corresponding amount from his client's bank account. Be careful to verify the authenticity of this payment method which must have a mandatory standardized watermark since 2009.

In parallel, before handing over the keys to the purchaser, the seller of the car must immediately contact the issuing bank so that it can confirm that the bank check is authentic.

Any other means of payment must be refused, as is the case with traditional checks, bank transfers and cash orders. Only cash payment can be made, but this donate a car for charity option remains exceptional, especially when it is a large sum. It is not recommended to accept payment in cash from your vehicle, as the source of this money remains unknown to the seller.

Documents to provide to the buyer

During the transaction, the seller must submit the following documents to the purchaser of his car.

  • The declaration of transfer : this is a form to be completed by the former owner. It must be written in three copies. The first is for the buyer, the second for the former owner and the third for the prefecture. This document can be downloaded from the net.
  • The certificate of non-pledge : a request must be completed online so that the Ministry of the Interior can issue what is also called a certificate of administrative situation. This document contains all the information concerning the vehicle in question. It allows the buyer to know if the seller has fully paid for the vehicle and that there is no credit outstanding. Similarly, in the event of a change of owner, the latter must not be liable to a fine owed to the Treasury for an offense having been committed with the vehicle concerned. Finally, the certificate of non-pledge - required when changing registration - must also state that the car is neither damaged nor declared stolen.
  • The technical inspection report : it is compulsory for vehicles over 4 years old. To be valid, this report to be given to the buyer must be less than 6 months old. It specifies the absence or the presence of faults duly noted during the inspection visit.
  • The registration certificate : it has a detachable coupon to complete and sign before being given to the buyer. The certificate must be crossed out and bear the words "Sold" or "Transferred" followed by the date and signature of the former owner. As for the coupon, it must be given to the prefecture by the new owner of the vehicle when requesting a registration certificate.

Finally, when the maintenance book is up to date and accompanied by all the invoices proving regular monitoring of the vehicle, the seller increases the chances of selling it at the desired price. So be sure to give all these parts to the new owner of the car during the transaction.