Work ways for car loan

The company vehicle must be insured by its owner. It is therefore either the company that owns one or more vehicles for its employees, or the rental company that makes them available to a company. Some companies do not sign contracts allowing the use of the vehicle by a third party. Thus, the employee is the one and only driver of the vehicle.
If company car insurance is lacking, the employee is responsible for using an uninsured vehicle. It should not be used until the insurance has been renewed. In this case, the employer cannot hold you responsible for the working time lost as a result.

During an accident or a problem caused by the employee, many companies ask their employees to take charge of the franchise. Others agree to pay the first deductible and leave the following ones payable by the employee. Finally, some employers agree to pay all of their employees' deductibles as long as there is no abuse.

Some aid already existed to improve the mobility of the unemployed: financing of the driving license, partial management of a move, but nothing for those about to return to work and without a vehicle. The Pôle Emploi services were aware of the problem, but this year it was necessary to grant a new buget dedicated to specific Picard projects to launch the operation in these two agencies. Pôle emploi has invested 12,000 euros, out of a total of around 40,000 euros. To do this, it joined the General Council of the Somme and an association specializing in the integration of the unemployed.

She is in charge of accompanying the job seekers identified by their advisor, and possibly lending them a car. It currently has a fleet of four cars and four scooters, which will grow. The work loan of a car can be done over a variable period, according to the needs of the beneficiary, and up to three months. It is completely free, only the insurance, 30 euros per month, and gasoline, remain the responsibility of the new employee. The beneficiaries sign a contract, by which they undertake to use the vehicle only for commuting to work, and "not to go for a walk on weekends".

Launched very recently, the device has so far only benefited two people. One of them, a young woman who had found work on an integration site, had to go there by bicycle, after having dropped off her child at the crèche, still on a bicycle. “Her Pôle emploi advisor feared that she would give up her employment contract before her term. The scooter that was loaned to him greatly facilitates his life, ”explains Stéphane Urbain. This solution is however only provisional. The TAA association's mission is to help beneficiaries find a lasting solution, for example by financing a new vehicle through microcredit .


The mobility of job seekers is a major challenge in rural areas. A report from the National Council for Economic Integration stresses that "when a person is recruited, if the question of mobility is not immediately resolved, if only by transitional solutions, they do not resist the difficulties and quickly leaves his post. " A real waste, which penalizes the poorest unemployed, who are often also those who find it most difficult to find a job.