Used cars with goodwill

Take a global tour of the vehicle to check the condition of the bodywork, front and rear bumpers, muffler, locks, tires and rims. Open and close all doors, trunk and bonnet included. Drive the vehicle yourself for several kilometers, varying the surfaces and the gaits (in town, on the road and on the highway). Test the braking: the vehicle must keep its course. Shift through all gears, including reverse. Make sure the gears are flexible and that the clutch does not "graze". If noise or smoke seems suspicious to you during the test, ask the seller or ask to have it checked by a garage. If in doubt, ask to have a lift check carried out by a professional.

  • Check the general condition of the vehicle:

    Shades of paint may be signs of recent renovations; the doors must operate without resistance (doors, electric windows, central locking); the mileage recorded on the drain label stuck on the oil pan, on the get a used car from goodwill inside of the door or on the maintenance booklet must be less than that of the meter. Make sure that the spare tire is present and that all four tires are evenly worn.

  • Ensure proper operation:

    Check the vehicle equipment (seats, air conditioning, electric windows, headlights, wipers, etc.) and special accessories and equipment (car radio, additional seats, roof racks, baby seat, winter tires, etc.)

  • If you are ready to buy, don't forget the paperwork. Ask the seller for the gray card and check:
    • - the conformity of the vehicle with the registration card (registration number in particular)
    • - the conformity of the vehicle with the description of the advertisement.

    Request the technical inspection report (vehicles over four years old), the maintenance book and / or the invoices. Check the dates and mileage of the timing belt replacement if it has been done.

  • Above all, do not drive the vehicle you have just purchased without being insured! The operation can be made by simple phone call to your insurer by providing the elements of the registration card, the nature of the use, the place of garage, the desired date of the effective date of the contract. The signing of the contract can take place a posteriori.

Insure your used vehicle. With a simple call to your insurer you can update your insurance. Simply provide the registration card information, the type of use, the place of garage, the desired date of entry into force of the contract. The signing of the contract can take place a posteriori. - Register your vehicle. Send by mail to the prefecture the upper part of the vehicle registration card, annotated with "sold on ..." by the seller, within 30 days of the purchase of your used vehicle. The registration certificate can be completed online.