Used Car Dealerships no Credit

There is no specific state aid for the purchase of a car, dedicated to the most deprived. State aid comes mainly from bonuses which motivate the purchase of one type of vehicle rather than another. Ecological bonuses (bonus) with the purchase of a low-emission car, or the scrapping bonus if you get rid of your old car. This kind of premium can significantly lower the final price of a car.

But nothing that allows the buyer to pay in installments. You have to look at the side of other types of aid, which, even if they will not allow you to buy a car, will help you get around to find a job used car dealerships no credit or go to work: ask Pôle Emploi, which offers mobility aids, or use the Mobili-Pass. I talk about it more in my article on moving.


There are associations which offer to help people in serious financial difficulties to move around, to have a car when they need it. The Aid'Auto association, for example, aims:

In practice, the association rents cars at very reduced prices to people who need them to go to their place of work or to go to vocational training. 23 euros per day the rental of the vehicle, regardless of the number of kilometers traveled. It is, in an emergency, a good palliative to a car loan, don't you think? Especially since the beneficiary will only have to pay 5 euros, the rest being from the pocket of the association's kind donors. This cost can even drop to zero for special situations. On the other hand, and it is natural, the fuel will always be chargeable to the beneficiary.

Another association,makes it possible to have a car at a very low price for the most precarious, who absolutely need it to find a job. Autos du Coeur repairs cars that were sentenced to breakage, sold free of charge by their owners to the association.

It is difficult to obtain a car loan when you are FICP, whereas it would allow you to buy a car, essential for the return to employment. The automobile is a basic good when one is looking for a job.