Bad credit car dealer

The specific requirements for the necessary documents depend on the bank involved. It is common for the self-employed to submit other or additional documents. However, the following documents are usually required:

  • Proof of income

  • Tax assessments (e.g. for self-employed)

  • Registration certificate part 2 of the vehicle (vehicle registration document)

  • Information and certification of the vehicle (model, mileage, first registration)

  • Business evaluation (BWA; for self-employed)

  • Assignment agreement


    A dedicated loan may be more suitable for you. An uncommitted loan does not have to be used for a financing purpose (e.g. car). The purpose is rather up to you. Whether you want to buy a home appliance, go on vacation or buy a vehicle, you car financing for those who have bad credit can use the loan for any purpose. In this case, no registration certificate is important for the bank. The scope of the loan is irrelevant for the bank in the case of an uncommitted loan.

    As with personal loans, you can apply for a car loan easily and conveniently. You will reach your goal in just a few steps. All you need to do is provide the necessary information. This is important for the banks so that they can determine the default risk and decide on the application.

    For car loans, you usually have to meet the following conditions or submit the following documents:

    • be of legal age

    • have a residence in Germany

    • have an account in Germany

    • have a regular income and an employment relationship

    • bring sufficient creditworthiness

    • if necessary, provide evidence of the accuracy of his information

      Creditworthiness is creditworthiness. This can be read off using a score. The credit rating indicates whether regular and full repayment of the bills can be expected. Account balance and income are irrelevant to the credit rating.

      The credit score is based on calculations by various credit agencies such as Schufa or Arvato Infoscore GmbH. You can view your credit score once a year at Schufa free of charge.